BlockNote Keyboard Shortcut Map

Action name Key combination Description
Basic editing actions
Copy Ctrl+C Ctopy current selection into Clipboard.
Cut Ctrl+X Move current selection into Clipboard.
Paste Ctrl+V Insert Clipboard content in the document. If selection existing then it will be deleted first.
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo (discard) previous action.
Redo Ctrl+Y Redo (do) discarded action again.
Find Ctrl+F Find text in the document. Search starts from current caret position.
Find Next F3 Find next text entry in the document.
Replace Ctrl+H Find and replace text in the document.
Spellcheck F7 Check spelling of the whole document.
Select All Ctrl+A Select whole text in the document.
Extended editing actions
Copy HTML Ctrl+L Copy current selection as HTML source in clipboard. Usefull when you are using BlockNote for e.g. creating eBay custom product forms (shopping carts).
Paste plain text Ctrl+Alt+V Paste plain text only. Insert only plain text from Clipboard.
Paste formatted text Ctrl+Shift+V Paste formatted text without tables. Some sites use tables heavilly for basic text layout. This option allows to clear text from tables while pasting.
Paste plain text as HTML Ctrl+K Interpret Clipboard plain text content as an HTML and paste it. Useful when you need to paste text from HTML source code editors.
Bold Ctrl+B Set/Reset font's bold attribute. This inserts <STRONG> element (strong emphasis) in the document.
Italic Ctrl+I Set/Reset font's italic attribute. This inserts <EM> element (emphasis) in the document.
Underline Ctrl+U Set/Reset font's underline attribute. This inserts <U> element in the document.
Color Ctrl+R Set font color to last selected color.
Increase size Ctrl+] Increase size of the font.
Decrease size Ctrl+[ Decrease size of the font.
Increase indentation Ctrl+NumPad+ Increase paragraph indentation.
Decrease indentation Ctrl+NumPad- Decrease paragraph indentation.
Clear formatting Ctrl+Delete Remove character formatting. Resets font in selection to default.
Insert/Edit hyperlink Ctrl+K Inserts new or edit properties of existing hyperlink.
Clear hyperlinks Ctrl+Shift+Delete Remove all hyperlinks from selected text.
Follow Hyperlink Ctrl+MouseClick Follow hyperlink - open browser window with the resource pointed by hyperlink.
File commands
New File Ctrl+N Create new empty window.
Open File Ctrl+O Open HTML file.
Save File Ctrl+S Save file in current window.
Save File As... Ctrl+Shift+S Save file in current window using different name.
Print File Ctrl+P Print file in current window.
Show Next F6 Show next opened document.
Show Previous Shift+F6 Show previous opened document.
Close Ctrl+W Close current window.
Show Splash F10 Show splash screen (to open recently edited files).
All standard navigational keys: Left, Right, Page Up/Down, etc.
Next Cell/Row Tab Next cell or row in a table.
Previous Cell/Row Shift+Tab Previous cell or row in a table.