Got a question:
"HELP! I have NO html knowledge and want to create a multi-page website with text and images (art gallery) and am getting more and more confused reading about web authoring tools and programs"
And here is my answer:

How to create personal web site? (7 easy steps)

To create in BlockNote something like this  (my vacation report) you need to:
  1. Download and install BlockNote.

  2. Create folder on your PC, lets say:
    and sub-folder in it, let's say
    (content of MyWebSite folder is what will be a content of your web site, create all documents need to be published only in this folder.)

  3. Put some images you want to be on your site in c:\MyWebSite\images folder, pay attention that they should be as small as possible in size. JPEG, GIF are fine.

  4. Run  BlockNote application. You should see picture like this:

  5. Save this document as  c:\MyWebSite\index.htm - this will be default or root document of your site.

  6. Add other pages (html documents) under c:\MyWebSite. They should appear in project window on the left. Drag them from left side bar into your index.htm - you will see their hyperlinks.
  7. At this point you have content (index.htm and sub folder images) of you site ready for publishing.
    Follow instructions of your web hosting provider and copy content (not folder itself) of the c:\MyWebSite to the root folder of your web space.

This is it. If you point your browser on URL (web address) you've got you should see content what you have created.

This is in short how it works. By the way, this document was created in the BlockNote too.

Happy HTMLing!

How to select whole table?

To select whole table by mouse drag mouse with left button pressed either:

  1. over column headers (red arrow),
  2. over row headers (green arrow),
  3. over cells of the table - from left-top to bottom-right cell.
To select whole table by keyboard
  1. Position caret in first cell,
  2. press Shift key,
  3. using arrow keys move selection to the last cell.

How to delete table?

  1. by selection - select whole table (see above) and press Delete.
  2. position caret at table start (circled position - horizontal caret) and press Delete.

How to split table into two tables?

  1. Select rows you would like to remove from table by draging mouse over row headers (green arrow above),
  2. Press Shift-Delete - move table selection into clipboard.
  3. To insert selection:
  4. Done.